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GN Netcom is part of GN Great Nordic, a Danish-based technology group founded in 1869. GN Netcom was founded in 1987 as a spin-off from GN Danavox (the current GN ReSound) and is among the leading and fastest growing suppliers of hands-free communications solutions.


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Customer service/product support (Current Employee) says

"No advancement opportunities. I enjoy working with my co-workers."

IT Support (Current Employee) says

"GN has treated me well overall. Good people, product line is getting better and the business is trending upward. The negative about this company is lack of advancement and job security is negligible."

Stagiaire vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Stage très agréable au sein de votre entreprise Jabra"

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is some ambiguity in regard to real expectations and how to report revenue, but as long as you grasp it quickly, it is a good place to work. Things change quickly at this company.excellent productsinpatient management"

Legal Administrator/Policy Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to expand on legal skills in a manufacturing environment. Enjoyed the opportunity to use writing and research skill in regards to contracts and NDA's.Worked independently with minimal oversight from corporate legalnot enough colleagues in legal dept for challenging collaboration"

Monir Malak says

"jabera is a rubbish company with a bunch of idiot"

Bobbi says

"I am so upset with a product from this company. My husband has spent a lot of money on a pair of wireless elite 75 ear buds for Christmas for them not to work properly. When my sound intermittent issues happened on first use I googled it, it seems this is a known issue with the product. I am more annoyed that the money my husband has paid out to be told to do this update that update turn other Bluetooth devices off. This us a brand new product which is not working so should be exchanged immediately. I tried them outside and it just cuts out or plays intermittently which is unacceptable."

Leon says

"Got it now for XMAS... looking forward to the product... very simple to setup but then it will not connect to Windows 10 and cannot use with my pc... Crap. Then read all the reviews and now wonder whether I have gotten a BAD BAD product... maybe time to return this and get a real headset. that can connect easily via blue tooth and just work. Why should it be so hard. Also it seems to heat up quite quickly in the ear. Not comfortable. L"

Dirk Korell says

"Hi, I ordered several in-ear headseats, so far all fine. Last order on Jabra online store, for a cradle, was badly delivered by UPS. After 6 weeks, I am still waiting. Contacting Jabra, they advised I that I shall deal myself with UPS, they don't feel responsible for delivery they ordered. The fact is that I paid Jabra and never got the product. Jabra gives a f...k about it. Well, not difficult to decide what and where my enterprise will order future products."

Stephen Sieben says

"Jabra products are complete trash. you won't get a full year out of them. audio quality will decline greatly one ear bud may reduce to a whisper in your ear at max volume. and to deal with customer support is just as much of a joke as this crap product itself. Please choose any other ear buds than jabra and you will infinitly be in better hands."

Zee Mars says

"I wish people see how Jabra is scamming people and how the only part where they receive your money is the only part they have some sort of functionality. Everything they tell you is a lie. I ordered headsets with $25 dollars fee express delivery and haven’t received them in 1 day as they said I would. It’s been 4 days when I got them finally. The headsets aren’t the ones I ordered so I called to return them. They told me I have 30 days of return window. I keep calling them everyday and sending emails but they keep telling me that they’ll send the return instructions. It’s been 10 days now and they no longer answer my calls or return my emails. I’d say they’re scamming people and I’m going to contact my credit card company to report a fraudulent service. The service wasn’t delivered as agreed to and no one is available to talk to. Unbelievable!"

Ray Crossan says

"Last year I bought a set of Jabra Elite Sport (Upgrade) earbuds which, within the warranty period (October 2020) stopped working. After going through the "ticket" process (#CS01231800) it was agreed the buds were defective and a brand new set were sent out as a warranty replacement... Guess what ??? 1 month later (Dec 2020) and the new set have stopped working and the response from Jabra Customer service has been shocking ( #CS01304395) if not virtually non existent. They tell me emails have been sent to me (definitely not recieved) and when asked to resend, not difficult, no response... As said by others..... High end pricing with low end support. Jabra feel free to investigate this and I challenge you not to be disappointed with your product first of all and then your customer support/service department."

John says

"I used to speak highly of Jabra… I used to speak highly of Jabra products and there was a time when I wouldn’t have thought about buying anything but. I have had nothing but problems with them since the first time I had to contact support. Maybe it’s time to revamp your customer service Jabra. You can’t be top tier prices and bottom tier customer service something needs to change."

Kate D says

"I have been trying to contact Jabra about cancelling an order made in error. I have tried contacting their 'support' only to find the support case numbers being sent to me are 'invalid'. No response to my emails and no phone number to make contact. I have therefore been unable to cancel the order and it has been shipped.What crazy company is this that simple doesn't respond to their support? I will have to simply return the headphones as soon as they arrive - but what a waste of time. Not impressed."

rasmus says

"I just bought the "Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds - Grey" on their website and I feel scammed. When searching for the product that is the exact title of the product. However when you click the search result you get redirected to the product page and suddenly the title has changed to "Jabra Elite Active 75t Replacement Earbuds". Notice "Replacement"... One of the three images features the charging case as well, so one might conclude that those are of cause included. Apparently that is a wrong assumption and I noticed that after waiting for the package to arrive. Even the confirmation email list the product name as: "Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds - Grey" notice replacement isn't included here... You have to order the case separately for $50, and if you contact their support they immediately offer you 20% discount. They can only be doing this scam on purpose. I just want to clarify that I usually would not mind not getting a charger if it is a common USB charger. However this is not the case here, the whole product requires their own special charging case in order to function at all... Order #: 11209763539"

Mr Paul Kilford says

"Well I feel a bit bad writing this review as my Jabra elite 65t were a christmas present from my husband. Early days and I'm starting to draw a few conclusions. I craved these earbuds for years and when I got them to watch TV with an MPOW bluetooth dongle for Christmas I was over the moon. Now I'm coming to a different conclusion. So by week 2 my left earbud is constantly not reconnecting when I've had to turn them off. They don't reconnect when you reset the connection as promised. This wastes so much time. Another thing although the sound is great there's not a huge difference when using the equalizer presets. I am now wondering how long it's going to be before I abandon them. Very annoying when they cost so much in the first place. Even more annyoing when they were £40 off after we'd already bought them."

Joshua Durham says

"Save your Money people. I bought jabra back in May of this year. Just recently the connection started acting up and sound muffled. So I disconnected, reset the app, reconnecting it still same issue. So for 7 days now back and forth with jabra tech who are terrible and customer service. I get an email today saying I need to put a claim in. Jesus christ people for that kinda of money get off your ass and do your job. Needless to say I have to find all this ridiculous information to email to sumit them a return so hopefully I get a replacement. Going back to beats aleast they replaced in 3 days without this extra bs to go thru. Never again jabra never. Your sound is awesome but this is ludicrous just to get a replacement."

sdvar says

"My family member gifted me Jabra let75t Bluetooth, worked good for 6 months. Started giving microphone issues, and approached Jabra. They are saying, warranty is not valid on gift products. So, DO NOT GIFT JABARA products."

david harper says

"I have owned the Jabra 65t earbuds for less than two years and the left earbud has always been problematic. Recently it died, and would not turn on. I contacted Jabra support to help rectify the problem and they have been unresponsive. The left earbud is temperamental at best, there must be some type of quality control issue. I expect more from this company in terms of quality and support."

TrustMeTrustPilot says

"Bought the Jabra engage 75 convertible wireless DECT headset. I am disappointed with the 'state-of-the-art noise-cancelling feature'. I work alongside a main road and clients have commented on the background noises. The headset itself is discreet, fits well and the sound quality is good."

Dom says

"I bought the Jabra Elite Active 65t's last Christmas, before the Coronavirus, and tbh I'm disappointed with what was advertised by Jabra. Since August I got a new phone (iPhone SE 2020) but before I was using an iPhone 6 and the connectivity and Bluetooth were awful, literally waisted money on these earbuds, it was only when I got my new phone where the Bluetooth was great and started to use them much more often. However, I think Jabra should say which devices are compatible with, the earbuds are very uncomfortable after 30+ mins and start to strain the ears even when trying the different earbud pieces. Finally, a alright product, music sounds good (bass etc.), they look good a bit bulky and heavy which is why they strain my ears I feel and tbh the charging case was hard to open at first but I got the hang of it. In addition, after a week of not using them, the case experienced some rusting/ corrosion on the charging prods for the earbuds but I think that may be because I live by the sea with salty air."

Marianne R. says

"Since most of the people are working from home, headset is now part of our daily lives. My Jabra headset worked fine for the first few months. But on its 6th month, the microphone is somehow not performing well anymore. Some would say i sound like I'm underwater. Thought it was my connection but when i tried using a different headset, the other party can finally hear me well."